Public Advocate Appointee Application


July 1, 2023–June 30, 2025 Term


This application is only for a Public Advocate Appointee position on a Citywide Education Council. There are four citywide councils representing discrete student communities:

  • Citywide Council on High Schools (CCHS), representing all NYC public high school students;
  • Citywide Council on English Language Learners (CCELL), representing students who are learning English;
  • Citywide Council on Special Education (CCSE), representing students with an Individualized Educational Program (IEP); and
  • Citywide Council for District 75 (CCD75), representing students receiving special education services in District 75.

Please visit Borough President & Public Advocate Appointee Applications for a separate application for Borough President Appointee positions on the Community Education Councils.

You are eligible for appointment on a citywide council if you live in NYC and you have extensive experience or knowledge in the applicable field. You do not need to have a child attending school. For details on eligibility, visit or email us at

The Department of Education will determine your eligibility and send your application to the Public Advocate for final determination. You will be notified of DOE's determination by email; thereafter, please direct all inquiries to the Public Advocate's office by calling (212) 669-7200 or e-mailing

This application does not save data and must be completed in one session. It’s advisable to compose the candidate statement in a separate Word document and copy and paste your final version into the Candidate Statement section.